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I had a juniper bonsai for a number of years.  Junipers need quite a bit of 
light, so I kept it outside.  Bonsais need to be watered frequently, in hot 
weather three times a day is not uncommon.  I don't know how the heck you 
are going to water through a soldified gravel. If the plant were mine, I 
would try to remove it.  Most bonsaia have loose gravel on top.  Neglect 
finally killed my bonsai, I had it when I lived in Florida and I got lazy 
about watering it one summer.

As for feeding a bonsai, they shold be fed during their growing season.  I 
used a weak fish emulsion, but I know that there are special bonsai 
fertilizers available.  Junipers should also be pinched to maintain a nice 
shape.  Just pinch the new growth.  Good luck!

Myra Amler
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Hi all: Do any of you do any bonsai? Someone gave me a gift of a small
bonsai tree today - and I'm CLUELESS! However, I'm trying to find plants
that will do well on my screened-in porch at my new house (if it's ever
built) and I wonder if bonsai might not do quite well. It's a juniper - and
is in a quite nice, flat and rectangler oriental planter. The odd thing is
that it has something that seems to be permanent gravel on the surface of
whatever dirt is there. The gravel acts like it's GLUED! It's real
hard/impossible to move.

Questions - can I water it through this gravel? Feed it? How often? How
much sun? Screened-in porch OK at a later time?

Any information appreciated! TIA!