RE: [gardeners] Pollinating corn - now X-Files movie

Liz Albrook (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 15:05:26 +0000

Seyfried,Alice <> wrote:

> Catharine,
> You're a riot!!!!   Hubby and I went last week to see it (opening
> night).  What I want to know is how they got out of the "hive" without
> being covered in those bees (which before always seemed to devour
> whoever they were near).  Apparently, pulling a jacket over one's head
> is great bee protection (even though they weren't falling, they were
> flying UP).   But a GREAT movie, none the less.

You see, they stole the part about the bees and the jacket from 
Douglas Adam's _Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy_.  In the Guide there 
is the Ravenous Bug-Blatter Beast of Traal.  The RBBBT is constantly 
hungry and will eat anything it can get it's hands on.  What makes 
the RBBBT a tad unusual in the overall scheme of galactic oddities is 
that the RBBBT is soooooo stupid that it thinks if you can't see it 
then it can't see you.  So, if you are ever being chased by a RBBBT 
then you should stop running and throw your towel over your head -- 
it will eventually grow bored and wander off if you just keep your 
head covered for a while.

I sincerely recommend the first 3 books in the Hitchiker trilogy.  
The 4th book in the trilogy is okay and the 5th book in the trilogy 
is just terrible.