RE: [gardeners] Pollinating corn - now X-Files movie

George Shirley (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 17:42:20

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>Seyfried,Alice <> wrote:
>> Catharine,
>> You're a riot!!!!   Hubby and I went last week to see it (opening
>> night).  What I want to know is how they got out of the "hive" without
>> being covered in those bees (which before always seemed to devour
>> whoever they were near).  Apparently, pulling a jacket over one's head
>> is great bee protection (even though they weren't falling, they were
>> flying UP).   But a GREAT movie, none the less.
>You see, they stole the part about the bees and the jacket from 
>Douglas Adam's _Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy_.  In the Guide there 
>is the Ravenous Bug-Blatter Beast of Traal.  The RBBBT is constantly 
>hungry and will eat anything it can get it's hands on.  What makes 
>the RBBBT a tad unusual in the overall scheme of galactic oddities is 
>that the RBBBT is soooooo stupid that it thinks if you can't see it 
>then it can't see you.  So, if you are ever being chased by a RBBBT 
>then you should stop running and throw your towel over your head -- 
>it will eventually grow bored and wander off if you just keep your 
>head covered for a while.
>I sincerely recommend the first 3 books in the Hitchiker trilogy.  
>The 4th book in the trilogy is okay and the 5th book in the trilogy 
>is just terrible.
As an SF fan of long standing I would have to agree with your assessment Liz.