Re: [gardeners] Dehydrators

George Shirley (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 17:39:42

At 05:37 PM 6/29/98 +0000, you wrote:
>I am contemplating one....only contemplating.
>There is a huge range of price that I've noticed. Why? Which ones are most 
>efficient and built for long haul?
>I figure that this list is what turned me onto the Zo, so is gonna be best 
>source for info. on dehydrator. I'm most interested in using it for 
>tomatoes and herbs. No beef jerky <shudder>.
As I've said, I've got the American Harvester Snackmaster, Jr. Got it on
sale two years ago for $19.95 with 4 trays, since have bought 4 more trays
to max it out at 8. Check out rec.foods.preserving newsgroup for lots of
skinny on dehydrators and food preserving in general. Pretty good bunch of
people. You MUST get a dehydrator with a fan at least. Some folks swear by
the thermostat but I don't. I get my herbs and stuff dried quickly with
little flavor or nice odors lost without a thermostat. But, then, I pay
attention to what's going on with it. You will find them on the market from
$9.95 for the Mr. Coffee piece of junk remaindered, to several hundred
dollars for the Excelsior. Someplace on the Net there's a page that tells
you how to build your own. My attic would be ideal for drying things at
120F in the summer if it wasn't for the humidity. Try rfp, talk to Lucinda,
she has one, and surf the net a bit.

George, who does make beef jerky in his.