Re: [gardeners] Dante in Georgia

penny x stamm (
Mon, 29 Jun 1998 22:06:23 -0400

The lone cherry tomato plant got itself properly replanted
today, amen. It's labelled "Sweet 100". 

I left Jimmie alone for 3 full hours this afternoon, while I did
all the errands. When I returned he had planted 4 -- count 'em,
four -- marigolds. Oh, dear...

Something happend to the weather -- it maxed out at 68*, and
threatend thunderstorms the entire day. I feel a falling
barometer something awful -- makes me want to crawl into
a ball.. 

My tree man's office returned my call this morning. I had left a 
message asking if I could safely lop off half of a branch of a redbud 
tree at this time of year, before the storm tore it away -- I know that 
one cannot prune an oak tree until August 1st, in fear of causing an
incurable microbial invasion, so I was just checking.  The reply came
back that I should give them a call and schedule an appointment to
remove the tree.. WHAT...??? 

Now I have a very formal relationship with that arborist. I insist that
I be right here when his truck comes to apply the oil spray to the
60 ft white pines and maples and the 20 ft hemlocks, and he checks
the lower tier for wooly adelgid or spider mite, and such. And I make
the men help me cover the raspberries very carefully with sheets of
clear plastic and clothes pins, to keep off the spray. I'm very polite
and very business-like. So there is no explanation for what happened 
next ...

He got on the phone and I said, "Hello, baby, there must be something
missing here...."..

I got a terrifically warm reply, but that's not exactly what I had been
looking for. In fact, I'm still blushing.

Just what can you do with an Irish temper...?

Penny, NY

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