Re: [gardeners] wild life invasion

penny x stamm (
Tue, 30 Jun 1998 10:16:45 -0400

Barb, I'm happy that there are still some fish in the pond, to
make a showing for your visitors -- but we all know how delicate 
the balance is between nature's whims and our heart's 
desires... I won't tell you to pick yourself up and shake yourself
off, for that's yesterday's advice. But I will try some serious tea
leaves to convince you to install some wire cover protection, 
just as I need right now. 

I love mini-pine bark mulch! To my eye, it's the richest ground
cover available. However, in our case, when we laid it down we
were not yet finished installing shrubs so some of the bark got 
mixed in with the soil as time went by. That can make Jimmie
complain, grouse, carp and criticize faster than anything else
which I have done. For one thing, it's tedious to remove when
planting, and for another, he got a deep and nasty splinter one
year which required medical intervention, something he abhors. 
I still use it on level beds which are permanent. Enjoy it!

All New York State is under floodwatch. Woke up after a huge
storm lashed the area and see that my flowerbeds are under
water. I had been expecting to lay bags of buckwheat hulls
throughout the big flower bed, but it all would have washed down 
the driveway and into oblivion. Somebody must have been
watching over me...  


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