Re: [gardeners] squash borers

penny x stamm (
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 18:49:42 -0400

George et al, I'm gonna sound way out, but really and truly,
I've never cooked a squash in my entire very long life! Same
for okra, and btw, what are crowder peas? 

I'm not quite living in New England - just a mite south of it - 
but our veggies are different from yours. We focus on brocolli,
and I mean lots of brocolli, cauliflower, sting beans, peas,
carrots, zucchini, cabbage, brussel sprouts, lima beans, onions,
white potatoes (with a few yams), and lotsa salad makings,
including Daikon radish and jicama. Oh yes, of course, asparagus
and corn. And the markets have begun adding hot peppers.. and
many kinds of mushroom. And snow peas. And spinach, just plain
good spinach.

In my home, our diet is influenced by my profession, so we eat
mostly Chinese food, with a good splash of Greek, Indian, Korean
and Japanese, as I once explained to George. Once in a blue moon,
a beautiful charcoaled steak.

I know lotsa people eat squash. Millions of people eat squash, 
betcha. Never been exposed to 'em. Don't eat turnips or parsnips
either. Or kolrabi. They're simply not part of our regional fare.

Penny, NY 

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