Re: [gardeners] Gotta remember what you planted where

penny x stamm (
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 18:27:35 -0400

Catherine, you're right. 100% correct. My property has been
infected with the Giant Mutant Squashoid virus. 

Tuesday morning the watermelon plant(s) were 12 inches long.
Tuesday at 4:00pm, Jimmie weeded in what he now calls the
"rice paddy", and the vines were 24 inches long.  We
have just returned from a day in New Jersey, and that sunovagun 
is at least 31 inches long!  And the cucumbers -- Jim stuck them
thru the wire fencing yesterday. This morning they were up about
12 inches. Now at 6:00pm, they have grown out from the fence 
about another 8 inches....  

We have had about 3 gully drenchers in that time span. Water
doesn't know where to go!  Oh, and the Connecticut Chinook,
Good Lord, has blown the place upside down. Fractured plants
in the newly planted bed, opened a big garbage pail and blew the lid
right into the seedlings with a smash, knocked over the big tomato,
cage, stake and all, knocked the green peppers off, and dehydrated 
many of the tender new plants even tho the ground's been so wet! 

Well, tomorrow is another day. It's too windy to continue working out 
there -- I've already lost my voice, and this time not from yelling. Jim
says he will forego mowing the lawn for one more week, because his
torn shoulder muscles are still painfully sore, naturally. He also says
he may not be able to hedge clip the 3 hedges in the morning for the
same reason. That's very funny, because last Sunday he sent our
part-time helper home because he wanted to do all these things
himself! I'm trying to ride with the punch, so I have tied a bandana
across my mouth so I won't blow up...  It's a start.


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