DeDe speaks her mind, was Re: [gardeners] Texians

Catharine Vinson (
Wed, 1 Jul 1998 20:59:40 +0000

Margaret wrote:

> George, now you're going to get my dander up, and I'll send you the article
> about the Texian Hair Ball.  And I'm not reading the kind of ...reading
> material that Liz is poring over by the pool, sitting "thusly." I think
> those Texians are a different species, not Homo sapiens, anyway.  Margaret

Miz Margaret,
The Texian Hair Ball reigns supreme. I recckon that ole George just never 
got himself an invite. Poor thing, but what can you expect from Orange. I 
wouldn't be one to say anything unkind, but, well, Orange is just....well, 
let's just say that Anita Bryant won't be sipping tea there. Not even sure 
that OJ would even want to claim it.

So don't be too unkind to that George feller. There is Texan and then 
there's Texian. Can't get more Texian than one of DeDe's kin (that silly 
Chatty Cathy, don't you know), and she'll be quicker than a Blue Norther 
blowing through the Valley to tell you that lots of folks is just passing.

You take care,
Cousin DeDe.