Re: [gardeners] squash borers

George Shirley (
Wed, 01 Jul 1998 18:50:13

At 06:49 PM 7/1/98 -0400, you wrote:
>George et al, I'm gonna sound way out, but really and truly,
>I've never cooked a squash in my entire very long life! Same
>for okra, and btw, what are crowder peas? 
>I'm not quite living in New England - just a mite south of it - 
>but our veggies are different from yours. We focus on brocolli,
>and I mean lots of brocolli, cauliflower, sting beans, peas,
>carrots, zucchini, cabbage, brussel sprouts, lima beans, onions,
>white potatoes (with a few yams), and lotsa salad makings,
>including Daikon radish and jicama. Oh yes, of course, asparagus
>and corn. And the markets have begun adding hot peppers.. and
>many kinds of mushroom. And snow peas. And spinach, just plain
>good spinach.

We eat all of those things too. I don't particularly like brussels sprouts
but will eat them. Never had Daikon radish that I know of, unless it was in
a dish in a Japanese restaurant. Do like my okra, and crowder peas are
another variety of southern peas. You're probably most familiar with
black-eyed peas or cow peas.

>In my home, our diet is influenced by my profession, so we eat
>mostly Chinese food, with a good splash of Greek, Indian, Korean
>and Japanese, as I once explained to George. Once in a blue moon,
>a beautiful charcoaled steak.

We eat whatever we feel like. That includes Chinese, Greek, Italian,
Arabic, etc. Don't care for Indian food, will eat Korean but not a lot,
some Japanese dishes are okay as long as they don't involve raw bait. Like
Tex-Mex grub a lot and that's a whole nother cuisine from Mexican food.
Shoot, most southerners will eat most anything. You probably never had
possum or coon either. Best baked coon I ever had was at a friends home
just outside Albany, NY. Course he was full blood Iroquois.

>I know lotsa people eat squash. Millions of people eat squash, 
>betcha. Never been exposed to 'em. Don't eat turnips or parsnips
>either. Or kolrabi. They're simply not part of our regional fare.

Do you eat pumpkin? Just another squash. I don't like turnips or parsnips
except raw or pickled. Will only eat kohlrabi raw. They are part of our
regional fare but like collards and mustard greens are, IMHO, an acquired

>Penny, NY 
Be adventurous, eat some southern grub, it might change your mind about
certain veggies. ;-)