[gardeners] Cucuzzi

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 16:15:11

Just went out and picked a nice sized cucuzzi and decided to cook it. Tried
something a little different, put a couple of small anchos, chopped, in
with it. Sliced cucuzzi, diced ancho, diced garlic, diced onion, little
black pepper, little sesame oil, about a tablespoon of extra virgin olive
oil in the TFal wok. Has just enough bite to it to make it interesting. May
be to hot for Miz Anne, heh heh, means I get to eat it all.

The sauce crock is slowly getting full. Several more days of chiles
ripening and I will begin to let it cure. Right now it's about half full of
crushed chiles and a clear white liquid. Touched the liquid with a
toothpick and then touched the toothpick to my tongue to see how it was -
took half a glass of milk to cool me off - and I don't even like milk. Bet
that stuff is gonna be some kinda good on cornbread and beans when it's

George, fanning his mouth