Re: [gardeners] Texians

George Shirley (
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 16:10:06

At 04:10 PM 7/2/98 +0000, you wrote:
>George wrote:
>> Or the warning signs I had on the front and back doors and windows when I
>> lived in Houston. "These premises protected by Smith and Wesson." Just
>> below it was a sticker that my son added - "Our pit bull has Aids."
>Overkill, George. Overkill. <LOL>
What can I say? This is the same kid who put the theme song from "Superman"
on my answering machine at home, sang a song called "Safetyman" to that
theme. I was a VP at a Fortune 200 erl company then and wondered why all
the other execs were grinning at me at a meeting. Thought my fly was open
or something so discreetly checked. Finally asked one of them and he just
said "call your home number." Picked up the phone on the conference table
and did so. I guess they saw the look of shock on my face because everyone
broke out laughing at the same time. After a minute so did I. It enhanced
my reputation so much with that bunch of erlmen (and wimmen) that I left it
on there for awhile. Luckily my boss had a helluva good sense of humor,
some don't.

Speaking of Darwin Awards, there should be a new one coming out soon. Just
saw a note in the paper where a crook tried to use a knife to hold up a
gunstore owner. Talk about a death wish!! The gunstore owner was laughing
so hard he couldn't hardly dial 911 for the cops to come get the guy.