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George Shirley (
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 20:38:46

At 05:53 PM 7/2/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Harry commented:
>> Likewise, combining slaw with the barbeque, such as 
><shudder>putting it
>> on a barbeque sandwich, is an abomination. 
>The only time coleslaw is put into or onto a sandwich is when it
>is put on hotdogs (by some New York persons). With barbeque, 
>coleslaw is served on the plate, adjacent to but not in direct 
>contact with the meat. Potato salad may also be served on the plate. 
>Also slices of raw onion and jalapeno -- sliced or whole. If the 
>barbeque is perfect, there is no need for sauce since the flavoring 
>has been in the rub. A true purist first tastes the meat without any
>sauce; if he reaches for or requests sauce after that first bite, 
>the cook holds his head a little lower. Pat
A plate!! By golly you are one fancy lady. Go to Joe Cotton's BBQ joint in
Robstown, Texas, or any other really good BBQ joint, and you get your
fixings on a piece of butcher paper on top of an oilcloth tablecloth.
Couple slices of white bread, some dipping sauce, few dill pickles, some
jalapenos, side dish of pinto beans with fatback, follow it up with HO HO
for dessert. Lip smacking good. We used to order a quart of end cuts with
dipping sauce and take it home and make sammiches out of it. Only
restaurant I ever was at that the State Poleece let the helicopters land in
the road median for lunch. Probably because the State Poleece helicopter
landed there pretty regular.