Re: [gardeners] Texians

George Shirley (
Thu, 02 Jul 1998 20:32:57

At 06:09 PM 7/2/98 +0000, you wrote:
>George wrote:
>> What can I say? This is the same kid who put the theme song from "Superman"
>> on my answering machine at home, sang a song called "Safetyman" to that
>> theme.
>Er, George, I wasn't referring to your son's sign(s) as overkill. The True 
>Texian only posts ONE sign to protect his premises (if he posts anything 
>publically). Not a sign in every window. Remember, the Texas Ranger motto, 
>after all. Understatment is so very satisfying.
>Catharine, in sheer awe of how George has managed to have such a diverse, 
>multi-faceted, and highly coloredl life in the years he has been alive. 
>And he cans, too! 
And I'm amazed at people who do one thing all of their lives. Some people,
me, are just more curious than others. If I figure I can do it I give it a
try. Never did heart surgery but willing to try if someone wants to
volunteer. I watched the tapes on my bypass and figure I can do it if
someone will donate an entire hospital and staff. ;-) Besides, I graduated
from high school at 17 and went straight into the military, the only
organization that will let teenagers do reckless things on purpose. By the
time I was 19 I was in charge of a lot of other men and learned

My Dad worked one job for forty years. He was a young man during the
depression and hung on to that security above all else. He was so afraid of
stocks and bonds he invested in US Savings Bonds for the 16 years he was in
the company thrift plan and the company was matching him dollar for dollar.
He retired with less than 10k in the plan. Peers of his who bought company
stock when it was 2 or 3 bucks a share in the Fifties retired with hundreds
of thousands of dollars. I suppose my love of adventure and the urge to try
new things in life was a result of watching my Dad always being afraid of
being broke and without a job. It used to scare Dad nearly to death when I
was a paratrooper and it was even worse when I cheerfully went off to war.
He tried to get the guvmint to bring me home because I was an only son, I
refused to go. Shoot, you gotta get out and grab life by the cojones and
shake it once in awhile. I'll probably die broke in a charity hospital but,
by golly, we (me and Miz Anne) have given this old world a run. Believe me
people, life is good!!