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Thu, 02 Jul 1998 20:40:17

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>Margaret Lauterbach <> wrote:
>> Well, Harry, if Texians had herded swine instead of beeves, they might've
>> been more interested in barbecuing pork.  But swine don't herd worth a darn
>> on the Old Chisholm trail.  Pigboy yells, "Git along little Duroc," and
>> pigs go squealing helter skelter, right beneath the bellies of the startled
>> horses.  Lightning?  You never saw so many baby back ribs bobbing on the
>> Red River.  And they don't care for off-key singing.  I think beef is more
>> fitting for Texas BBQ than pork.  Besides, pigs grunt so loud the cook
>> can't tell whether the pigboys liked them beans or not.  I think we'd
>> better leave them be.  Margaret
>Just taking a wild guess here -- did you recently read or re-read 
>Lonesome Dove or one of it's companion books?
>Augustus McCrae was a true Southerner
Liz you oughta know Margaret's got a vivid imagination. There's nothing
else to do in Boysie but garden, have tea at the garden club, and daydream.
At least this time it wasn't some guy off the cover of a romance novel. <BSEG>