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penny x stamm (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 23:35:15 -0400

Know what, Allen? My hubby's family all came from Bastrop,
Louisianna (just north of Monroe), about a hundred years ago.
Still own some rice paddies down there...
>    By painter I don't mean artist. I used to paint houses, bridges,
>pipelines, offshore platforms, refinerys and etc.

Gee, that sounds way out, and mighty dangerous!  I don't think we
ordinary mortals realize that all those things require painting in 
the first place.. right now our two major bridges, the George
Washington and the Tappan Zee, are being repaired and are half 
shut down. That makes crossing the Hudson River a nightmare. 
But we've just been thru having one of the bridges painted, and
it fascinated me to wonder how those fellows decided to pick 
such a life's occupation. 

What makes a man want to construct -- or paint -- the arch
in St.Louis, for instance? Or the Alton Bridge, across to Illinois?
BTW, did you ever see the full video of that bridge being built? 
Amazing, incredible, frightening. And right thru the massive
flooding of the Mississippi the work went on underfoot!  We were
all involved because my daughter bought a house right on the
banks of the river 2 days before the flood..... 
>    My artistic talent is in the garden. Judy, my wife says I don't 
>have a green thumb, its a green hand.
>                                                    Allen
>                                                    Bastrop Co.,Tx
>                                                    Zone 8

That's a very big complement, Allen!

Penny, NY

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