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penny x stamm (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 22:36:23 -0400

Well, Bambi -- Jimmie and I just went thru all the places where 
we lived during WW-2, and we cannot pin down in which city
I might have been all alone on Thanksgiving Day, which drove
me to tears so that my landlady did carry up that plate of dinner 
for me.. You see, Thanksgiving was my grandparents' wedding
anniversary, and was the one and only day in the year when the
whole family came for dinner ... and I was a very lonely bride.

In case there's a clue buried in here, I'll list them: 

Miami Beach, Fl  (basic training)
Lexington, Ky (Univ of Ky)
Aberdeen, Md (Aberdeen Proving Ground)
Rolla, Mo (Ft.Leonard Wood)
St.Louis, Mo (Granite City Engineering Depot)
Columbia, S.C. (Ft.Andrew Jackson) 
Let's have a bar-b-q around here is just a generic name for let's
throw some hamburgers and hot dogs on the gas grill in the back
yard. Not for us, tho. We still make a fire, sometimes of wood, and
other times of charcoal. And over the years we've rotisseried roast
beef, shishkebob, steak, and chicken -- and two of our friends make
a fantastic butterflied marinated whole leg of lamb. But NOBODY 
has company over for dinner anymore, since ALL the wives went out
to work about 10 years ago. That means we're down to charcoaling
one steak for two, or else Jim makes a quick teepee fire and throws
a hamburger on it for his lunch. It used to be a lot of fun when we
had a crowd and could be creative. Now everyone wants to go out
for dinner together, and it just ain't the same.

Do we call this progress...?

Penny, NY 

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