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George Shirley (
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 07:48:14

At 10:45 PM 7/2/98 +0000, you wrote:
>George wrote:
>> You got it mostly right. With the downsizing of the erl bidness most pits
>> are being made out of 35 to 54 inch steel pipe. One piece stands on end for
>> a firebox and the other runs horizontal. Counter balanced lid, couple of
>> smoke stacks at one end, air register where the wood goes. Mount the whole
>> thing on a trailer, dual axle of course, Baby Moon hubcaps on the trailer
>> tires, white walls if you're wealthy, pull it behind a Cowboy Cadillac
>> (one-ton dually pickemup truck, either stretch cab or crew cab), take the
>> whole deal to a friends house or to a lake or river, spend the whole night
>> barbecuing and drinking beer, all the next day eating barbecue, tater salad
>> (slaw's for sissies), drinking beer, corn on the cob, chiles, drinking
>> beer. Well, you get the idea.
>Nice description of a portable pit. I was describing what we build when we 
>are serious about barbeque and dedicate some of the landscape to its 
>proper preparation and enjoyment with friends. So, George; you "got it 
>mostly right" too.
I would love to have either style of pit, just don't have the room anymore.
To busy putting in more plantings. Sighh, bbq isn't the best food in the
world for folks with dietary restrictions but I do love the stuff. My Dad
had a pit made out of stacked firebricks with a piece of corrugated iron
for a cover. Used it for years and turned out some pretty good meat at very
low cost for the pit. Neighbor has a nice brick pit that he doesn't even
use, been envious since I first saw it two houses down. Some people just
don't know how lucky they are. ;-)