Re: [gardeners] Oh, Lord; here we go with Barbeque! was Re: Bar

Catharine Vinson (
Thu, 2 Jul 1998 22:45:38 +0000

George wrote:

> You got it mostly right. With the downsizing of the erl bidness most pits
> are being made out of 35 to 54 inch steel pipe. One piece stands on end for
> a firebox and the other runs horizontal. Counter balanced lid, couple of
> smoke stacks at one end, air register where the wood goes. Mount the whole
> thing on a trailer, dual axle of course, Baby Moon hubcaps on the trailer
> tires, white walls if you're wealthy, pull it behind a Cowboy Cadillac
> (one-ton dually pickemup truck, either stretch cab or crew cab), take the
> whole deal to a friends house or to a lake or river, spend the whole night
> barbecuing and drinking beer, all the next day eating barbecue, tater salad
> (slaw's for sissies), drinking beer, corn on the cob, chiles, drinking
> beer. Well, you get the idea.

Nice description of a portable pit. I was describing what we build when we 
are serious about barbeque and dedicate some of the landscape to its 
proper preparation and enjoyment with friends. So, George; you "got it 
mostly right" too.