Re: Barbeque, was Re: [gardeners] Carolina Turkey

Margaret Lauterbach (
Fri, 03 Jul 1998 07:26:04 -0600

>Just taking a wild guess here -- did you recently read or re-read 
>Lonesome Dove or one of it's companion books?
>Augustus McCrae was a true Southerner
No, but I bought one.  It's on the nightstand (Dead Man's Walk).  I'm
reading the third of Ivan Doig's trilogy about Montana.  Maybe now that I'm
through taking courses at the university osmosis is working.  I tried it
once in undergrad school, but it didn't work at all.  Now I content myself
with nightmares that I'm walking into a final exam, haven't cracked the
textbook or attended any lectures.  Sigh.  Margaret