[gardeners] DeDe getting ready for the 4th

Catharine Vinson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 3 Jul 1998 14:31:21 +0000

Dear Beulah Mae and assorted kin:

Between the fires in Florida, the floods in Iowa, and the
fry-an-egg-on-the-sidewalk heatwave in Georgia, sure looks to me like Mama
Nature is having herself one real humdinger of a tantrum. I'm starting to 
think (and some say that's always a bad sign)  that she's never gonna let 
up on us, but then I remember that Mama always relents and lets us get all 
we need from the land. Bless her. Just wish she'd turn down the volume a 
bit right about now.

Anyway, Chatty Cathy and me is getting ready for the big holiday. Well, you
know that it ain't all that big a holiday round here 'cause of the Late
Unpleasantness (and I hear from my Texas kin that they the old timers there
barely take notice..nothing like the conflagration and celebration that
goes on for Texas Independence Day, for certain). Still, we gonna do 
the day up right. (CC is even gonna give me a Texas Rat so I can stick a 
flag in my hair and have it stand up straight as a fiddle's stick at a 

Ain't got no sweet corn yet, but that's ok, since I never did like having
to put my teeth in on a holiday. But we is gonna have BBQ! Miz Chatty
Cathy's been reading up on all different kinds and she says she's gonna fix
'em all, line it all up on the big tables out back, invite the neighbors,
and tell 'em to dig in. and then vote for their favorites. Ought to be
right interesting, and I just hope that CC remembers to put away the
ammunition and lock up the shotguns so folks don't get too het up about
whose BBQ is The Real Thing. Heck, them boys with Co-cola got a patent on
that one for certain.

Garden's looking pretty nice. Small this year, but enough to satisfy.
Eggplants starting to come on. Lot of them cute little Ichibans about ready
to pick. The Rosa Biancas are getting prettier by the minute; them lavender
and white stripes is real nice looking. 

Well, I got lots more to tell you and I'll be back in touch just as soon as
I quiet down the dogs. That crazy old sharecropper that moved into Edna's
ole privy has been wandering around here lately, and the dogs are circling
and pawing the ground like they do when they smell something that's gone
rotten in the air. Be back in touch as soon as I throw the dogs a fresh
knuckle bone to keep 'em content for a bit. Then again, you know Mr. Thomas
Jefferson said: "Sometimes You Just Gotta Do What You Gotta Do. If the
Situation Ain't Fittin', then You Gotta Fix 'It!" Smart man was Mr.

Your Cousin DeDe