Re: [gardeners] Books

Catharine Vinson (
Fri, 3 Jul 1998 13:54:27 +0000

> didn't think it came close to the beauty 
> of Lonesome Dove.  That book is one of my favorites of all time -- 
> mostly because I read it at about the same time I underwent the 
> conversion from measuring life by what I accomplished to measuring 
> life by how I lived it I suppose.

Beautifully put. Definitely you will like "Cold Mountain." Aside from the 
fact that the descriptions of the Blue Ridge at the time for the War 
Between the Sates area are a gardener's delight, the whole narrative is 
a wonderful expression of that Truth. 

It's the author's (Charles Frazier) first novel. It belongs in the list of 
the finest 100 novels ever written. No overstatement -- the book is that