[gardeners] DeDe replies to Preacher

Cousin DeDe (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sat, 4 Jul 1998 17:12:36 +0000

Dear Preacher,

I'd been thinking about you and then what do you know.? The mail lady (a
regular demon when it comes to speeding down the highway and missing all
the potholes) dropped off a note from you along with a personal invite to
the opening of the gun sighting clinic at the Wal-Mart next weekend. Ain't
it funny how the good Lord works; all a body's got to do is ask and he
shall receive. Makes you think twice before you ask after some folks, don't
it now!

Anyway, I was a thinking about you while I was watching the feller next
door packing up his things and moving out in the middle of the night. You
might remember me talking to Beulah about him. The boy that had taken to
wearing that funny looking bracelet around his ankle. A real homebody he
was, but I don't think the neighbors were in a real big hurry to send the
welcome wagon  'round to greet a fellow with a bracelet on his foot. They
don't got any problem with a feller wearing an ID bracelet on his wrist,
but they got their suspicions about anybody who wears one around his
ankles. Kinda funny when you think about it. Lots of them gals that work at
the DQ and that place that has dances in the morning time wear them little
ankle chains. I guess it's just not the same if you don't shave your legs.
That must be the difference.

Anyway, the reason I was thinking about you while I was watching the
neighbor boy load up his truck was something my old Daddy used to say. He'd
say, "DeDe, you behave yourself*all* the time. 'Cause you know that if
Preacher can't keep you on the straight and narrow, then the neighbors can.
And you know how the neighbors can be." Lord, don't I know! But, that's not
a fit tale for a holiday, so I'll just leave it on the table.

Anyway, I was telling Beulah about Chatty's 'tater salad. Guess you'll be
wanting to know the story, too. Well, I think I ate me too many of them
Cherried Herrings. I'm still feeling a little poorly, so I think I'll go
and see of I can scare up That Lawndale Woman or Cousin Bambi(e) and get
them to help me through the evening.

Pray for us Preacher, 'cause you know we be needing it,