Re: [gardeners] BBQ?Coleslaw

Matt Trahan (
Sun, 05 Jul 1998 10:55:41 -0400

>Hi Matt,
>    Listen this coleslaw thing in just a consipiracy to waste good
>cabbage that could be made into something civillized like saurkraut!!

umm, hmmm, Well, you got me with that one.
 I'm a big 'slaw eater from way back, Homemade, KFC, Foodlion, doesn't
matter. And it gets less paprika(that red dirt) dumped on it than taters! ;-)

>Just goes to show you what happens to something like BBQ when it gets
>into the hands of a bunch of heretics. When its time to arrive at the
>Pearly Gates all those coleslaw on a BBQ sandwich folks are going to be
>diverted untill they repent!! The only saving grace is that they do
>revere BBQ.
>    Allen

 Naw, I just toss the BBQ to the dogs and enjoy the 'slaw. I'll stick with
Ahi sashimi with a little shredded diakon, and a pina colada and some
'slaw. Just can't enjoy it in front of our local neighbors. ;-)

Happy 4th!
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