Re: [gardeners] Rambling rain

Matt Trahan (
Sun, 05 Jul 1998 10:33:20 -0400

>>YEEESSSS!! It's finally raining!! It started out slowly about a half hour
>>ago, now it's going smooth and strong. Hopefully it will last all night!
>Congrats! Now, will you please some to Georgia. I shudder to think what 
>this month's water bill is going to be. At this rate, water restrictions 
>can't be too far away.
>Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b

Hi Catharine,
 I'll do my best!

 I really want to swipe some from my folks up in Massachusettes, 19 inches
so far!
 Ours didn't last too long, apparently. At 9am the roads were mostly dry. :-(
 But it was better than nothing, and at least enough to perk everything up
a bit. The dwarf shastas still look bad, not sure if those are as quick to
recover the way hydrangeas do.
How's QV?

Matt Trahan  <>
USDA zone 8, AHS heat zone 7, Sunset zone 31, northeastern N.C.