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CousinElla Mae (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Sun, 5 Jul 1998 18:58:04 -0700 (PDT)

Hey, y'all!!

Cousin Bambie's better half done helped me get on this
here internet thing!  I love bein' able to write to all of y'all at
Cousin Bambie's been rather tied up lately as she had a good friend
pass away suddenly and leave 3 orphaned children as they Daddy passed
about 5 years ago, so she ain't had no time to write anybody.   She
wanted me to tell everybody that she's ok, but busy now.
They debated about whether to have their July 4th cookout, and
fireworks, but since it had all been planned, they went ahead with it.
 Well, don'cha know, that cute little Sheriff's Deputy came by whilst
they were all havin' the fireworks, and took all the neighbor's stuff
and some of theirs.  Fortunately, they
had a chance to divert some of their stuff to the backyard, while the
cute little deputy was gathering up the neighbor's stuff.
She got a chance to get to know the cute little Deputy rather well. 
She also got a chance to meet Sheriff  Brown, who just happens to be a
distant cousin, that same night!  Ain't she the lucky one.  They
didn't give her any of them nice bracelets that they give most people
Sheriff Brown is a very likable fellow, and he'ped her out a lot!  
They had a good time, and are glad to get to know each other better. 
Cousin's over at them poor 
little orphaned chil'rens' house now, but I tol' her about what's
going on with Sheriffs Yin and Yang, and she's sure she can get Cousin
Sheriff Brown to investigate and to hep out.  He does love his
relatives, does Cousin Sheriff Brown...
I'll write more later, but I am so happy to finally get to be able to
talk to y'all from my own little box!

Love to y'all,

Cousin Ella Mae

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