Re: [gardeners] twtoe's question was Re: DeDe skins some taters

George Shirley (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 18:54:06

At 04:37 PM 7/6/98 PDT, you wrote:
>actually no one ever explained what that downhome stuff 
>is.  I got yelled at for complaining and that was about 
>it.  It takes up alot of bandwidth whatever it is.
Some of our gardeners get a little weird when the heat is on. You should
see them when everything freezes up. A good many of our gardeners are
southerners and western folk, all of us of that ilk are a little bit
strange anyway. ;-) Like I said, delete it unread if it's confusing or you
don't like it.

I've been hiding from the heat today myself, heat index topped out at 110 F
today. Miz Anne did get the yard mowed and weed whacked this morning while
I was at work so I washed and folded the clothes while she rested and
cooled off. Can't get her out of the habit of "wash day Monday." I wash 'em
when there's a load dirty which, with me, is about every other day. I'm
kinda like "Pigpen" in Charlie Brown, dirt seems to stick to me.

The garden has really slowed up with the heat and the, now frequent, rain
showers. Cucuzzi are growing good as are the crowder peas. The tomatoes are
about done and we're waiting on the hot weather 'maters now. The flowers
are beautiful as we have many plantings that thrive on hot weather.

Miz Anne and I crashed on the floor right after lunch and took a little
nap. Woke up with Sleepy Dawg resting her butt against my head and her head
against Anne's. Guess that was her idea of pack behavior. She's, Sleepy,
still recovering from her 4th of July boat ride and all the strange dogs
down at the lake.

Hope everyone's doing well. Stick with it twtoe, it gets better. Maybe not
as much fun but better for those that are purist gardeners. <VBG>