[gardeners] Bahzit Shurg's ID

asidv@fbg.net (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 19:33:47 +0000

Mr? Miss? Mrs? Ms? Bahzit Shurg wrote:
> I got yelled at for 
complaining and that was about 
> it.  It takes up alot of bandwidth whatever it is.

As a devoted fan of mystery tales, the name of our new member is 
intriguing. Thinking the nom de plume had some connection with 
taxonomy, I searched the few reference volumes available in my own 
library and in the holdings downtown. I found no such plant name.
	My next attempts were anagrammatical. SHURG (not shouting you 
understand) easily becomes SHRUG (still not shouting), but Bahzit 
defied logic.
	Answering the door to my teenage neighbor, his complexion gave me a 
clue: ZIT (not shouting) and BAH (not shouting) as in "Bah Humbug" -- 
probably my young neighbor may not be the only adolescent who has 
often felt like truly shouting "Bah Humbug Zit."
	This would indicate Bahzit Shurg is of tender years and developing 
(but still somewhat immature) vocabulary. The reference to 
"bandwidth" is trite, but the young do not always recognize the 
cliche for what it is.
	The person in question uses another signature, "twtoe". This could 
either represent the Two Toed Sloth (the adolescent is often 
termed slothful by the older members of his or her circle) or 
the person thinks of him/her self as Twinkle Toes. Perhaps an devotee 
of the ballet? Surely, this is a puzzlement.
	However, without further information it is my preliminary hypothesis 
that Bahzit Shurg is of approximately 15 or 16 years, probably male, 
and perhaps the child of a gardener -- at least he knew the names of 
a few of the common plants and weeds.
	There are times, of course, when one of good will assumes anonymity 
but it has been my experience, through the years, that hiding ones 
identity is usually cause for question.
	The question has been put, therefore. Come out, come out, whoever 
you are. The closet must be stuffy by now.