Re: [gardeners] Bahzit Shurg's ID

George Shirley (
Mon, 06 Jul 1998 20:54:33

At 07:33 PM 7/6/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Mr? Miss? Mrs? Ms? Bahzit Shurg wrote:
>> I got yelled at for 
>complaining and that was about 
>> it.  It takes up alot of bandwidth whatever it is.
>As a devoted fan of mystery tales, the name of our new member is 
>intriguing. Thinking the nom de plume had some connection with 
>taxonomy, I searched the few reference volumes available in my own 
>library and in the holdings downtown. I found no such plant name.
>	My next attempts were anagrammatical. SHURG (not shouting you 
>understand) easily becomes SHRUG (still not shouting), but Bahzit 
>defied logic.
>	Answering the door to my teenage neighbor, his complexion gave me a 
>clue: ZIT (not shouting) and BAH (not shouting) as in "Bah Humbug" -- 
>probably my young neighbor may not be the only adolescent who has 
>often felt like truly shouting "Bah Humbug Zit."
>	This would indicate Bahzit Shurg is of tender years and developing 
>(but still somewhat immature) vocabulary. The reference to 
>"bandwidth" is trite, but the young do not always recognize the 
>cliche for what it is.
>	The person in question uses another signature, "twtoe". This could 
>either represent the Two Toed Sloth (the adolescent is often 
>termed slothful by the older members of his or her circle) or 
>the person thinks of him/her self as Twinkle Toes. Perhaps an devotee 
>of the ballet? Surely, this is a puzzlement.
>	However, without further information it is my preliminary hypothesis 
>that Bahzit Shurg is of approximately 15 or 16 years, probably male, 
>and perhaps the child of a gardener -- at least he knew the names of 
>a few of the common plants and weeds.
>	There are times, of course, when one of good will assumes anonymity 
>but it has been my experience, through the years, that hiding ones 
>identity is usually cause for question.
>	The question has been put, therefore. Come out, come out, whoever 
>you are. The closet must be stuffy by now.
>	Pat	
To late, to late, whoever he/she was/is. That person signed off the list at
approximately the same time I sent my message. Suspect, as Pat does, that
it was a troll. Since no one rose to the bait they went trolling elsewhere.