Re: [gardeners] sauerkraut

penny x stamm (
Mon, 6 Jul 1998 23:57:26 -0400

Allen, now I really am in trouble!  All those 15 cucumber plants
are NOT pickling cukes!

Use only cucumbers intended for pickling not the slicers like burpless. 

This week for practice I sliced down a firm, slender supermarket
cuke and liberally salted it. Stuck it in the fridge for 8 hrs, then
poured off the water which had come, added a bit of sugar, shredded
purple onion, and some sour cream. Served it in 4 hrs. Did NOT
like it. I guess I'm used to Raita, the Indian version -- it includes
some finely shredded fresh ginger, and uses yogurt instead of sour

My problem is that I am a vinegar addict -- every day at 5:00 o'clock
I get an insane craving for a pickle or a relish. Of course, salsa helps,
but it still ain't a pickle!  For a year I was forbidden all salt, and
was a death sentence. Then I discovered that the A&P chain carried
a bread-and-butter pickle which tastes real, but is made without salt!
I cornered the market. Still, it definitely was not a New York Kosher
Deli Pickle -- and what's worse, I only like 'em "new". I must admit 
that I even found those in Hong Kong, at the "New York Style 
Delicatessen" where they also had hot pastrami .... ummmnn ... 

There's no pickle which comes in a jar on the supermarket shelf 
that can fill the bill. I expect to harvest close to 300 cukes this
season, and it sounds to me like everyone else's zucchini mania..!
Penny, NY

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