Re: [gardeners] DeDe exposes a government plot

penny x stamm (
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 01:39:32 -0400

No, Cousin DeDe, ah'm shore not gettin' enough greens 
and fatback. But that don't mean that my ancestry ain't
proper! Back on my mother's side, I hail from Charleston
and Columbia, S.C. and it's pure Southern thru and thru! 
I've just been around a bit, doncha know, a camp follower....

What's more important, as of today I am growing zukes. 
The instructions are to plant in hills of two, but after what I've
heard from y'all, I rebelled and insisted upon keeping it down
to one. The watermelon vines are threatening to take over
the back 40 acres, as it is! 

Everyone in this area is having major problems with lack
of pollination -- the raspberries, the tomatoes, all that good
stuff failed to produce the normal crops. With the bee
population gone so far down, and the non-stop cloud cover,
we're just not getting the fruit!  As it was explained to me, 
my Sweet 100's cherry tomatoes will do better than the 
regular tomatoes because the blossoms come out in fat little 
clusters which the wind can more easily polinate. 

I also planted some bok choy Chinese greens, my hubby's
favorite veggie. We shall see what materializes. 

Penny, NY

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