Re: [gardeners] DeDe exposes a government plot

Margaret Lauterbach (
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 07:53:24 -0600

>Everyone in this area is having major problems with lack
>of pollination -- the raspberries, the tomatoes, all that good
>stuff failed to produce the normal crops. With the bee
>population gone so far down, and the non-stop cloud cover,
>we're just not getting the fruit!  As it was explained to me, 
>my Sweet 100's cherry tomatoes will do better than the 
>regular tomatoes because the blossoms come out in fat little 
>clusters which the wind can more easily polinate. 
>Penny, NY
Penny, perhaps  all of your tomatoes can pollinate themselves.  The only
tomatoes that do need help in pollination are currant tomatoes,
potato-leaved varieties and fruit formed fromt he double blossoms of
beefsteak tomatoes.  The rest have retracted styles and can pollinate
themselves.  If your air is very still, shake the plants yourself.  Margaret