[gardeners] tomatos

Allen and Judy Merten (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Tue, 07 Jul 1998 18:43:42 -0500

Hi George and all cuzins,
    I picked tomatos last night.Only got one 5gal bucket full. So I
guess the great tomato scape is about done,except for the Heatwave.
    The cucumbers are finally getting going good. I picked more cukes
this morning than I have all season. All right with me. I require for my
own use a qt of pickles a week. The fire ants are letting me get  few
pods of okra now. I mean a few too. George your nemisis with squash has
been the borer. Mine is Mosaic Virus spread by aphids and stink bugs. I
lost all 6 squash plants in the creek garden a couple of weeks ago.Now
one of the 12 plants in the old garden has it too. It won't belong
before they all have it. I won't be picking any Roma II Italian style
green beans either. The grass hoppers have eaten them lock, stock and
barrel. All that is left is the bare stems. Not a leaf or a bean.
    How ever good news still comes forth. The water melons and
canteloupes and the Honey Dews are doing just great. I have a big ol
Hales Jumbo waiting to be picked this evening. I like to pick
canteloupes when they are at full slip. This one was already yellow this
morning so I figure after being in 104f all day it'll slip tonight. I
picked the pityfull ears and removed the stalks of about half of the
Indian corn I had planted. I gave the squirrels some of the ears on the
stump where I feed them down by the creek. I kept about half a dozen for
seed for next year. That was all that was worth saving. The neighbors
cows got the stalks.
    George are you fermenting peppers? I read a post by you a while back
that made me think that. Howdo you do it? I pickled 6 pints of Jalapenos
    Gotta go make supper. Judy will be home from work in a little bit.