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Tue, 07 Jul 1998 20:15:07 -0400

At 06:43 PM 07-07-98 -0500, you wrote:
>Hi George and all cuzins,
>    I picked tomatos last night.Only got one 5gal bucket full. So I
>guess the great tomato scape is about done,except for the Heatwave.
>    The cucumbers are finally getting going good. I picked more cukes
>this morning than I have all season. All right with me. I require for my
>own use a qt of pickles a week. The fire ants are letting me get  few
>pods of okra now. I mean a few too. George your nemisis with squash has
>been the borer. Mine is Mosaic Virus spread by aphids and stink bugs. 

Mosaic virus is unsightly but edible as far as I know.  We ate 2tone, lumpy
zukes last summer.  I'd eat them now if I could get some to grow.  As long
as you're not selling the stuff it'll be ok.  Peel it if you wish before
you make zuchinni chocolate cake if you worry.  Lucinda

>lost all 6 squash plants in the creek garden a couple of weeks ago.Now
>one of the 12 plants in the old garden has it too. It won't belong
>before they all have it. I won't be picking any Roma II Italian style
>green beans either. The grass hoppers have eaten them lock, stock and
>barrel. All that is left is the bare stems. Not a leaf or a bean.
>    How ever good news still comes forth. The water melons and
>canteloupes and the Honey Dews are doing just great. I have a big ol
>Hales Jumbo waiting to be picked this evening. I like to pick
>canteloupes when they are at full slip. This one was already yellow this
>morning so I figure after being in 104f all day it'll slip tonight. I
>picked the pityfull ears and removed the stalks of about half of the
>Indian corn I had planted. I gave the squirrels some of the ears on the
>stump where I feed them down by the creek. I kept about half a dozen for
>seed for next year. That was all that was worth saving. The neighbors
>cows got the stalks.
>    George are you fermenting peppers? I read a post by you a while back
>that made me think that. Howdo you do it? I pickled 6 pints of Jalapenos
>    Gotta go make supper. Judy will be home from work in a little bit.
>    Allen