Re: [gardeners] DeDe gives Belle Ringer a job

Aunt Edna (
Tue, 7 Jul 1998 20:50:05 +0000

Dear Belle,

I couldn't help but read what you told Dede. You know that I'm not the 
kind of woman to put my nose into anybody's business but my own, but this 
is one of those exception that proves the rule.

Belle, you think twice before you go defiling your body with needles and 
paint. You may be in a low place right now, but you is a LADY, Belle, and 
while a lady can wear all the paint she wants, it had best be the kind 
that washes off with some good pine tar soap. Your mama would roll over in 
her grave is she knew what you is contemplating. And you know that 
Preacher would be real disappointed. 

Think on it, Belle. I know you will Do the Right Thing. Or else.
Aunt Edna