Re: [gardeners] DeDe gives Belle Ringer a job

Margaret Lauterbach (
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 06:57:53 -0600

At 08:50 PM 7/7/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Dear Belle,
>I couldn't help but read what you told Dede. You know that I'm not the 
>kind of woman to put my nose into anybody's business but my own, but this 
>is one of those exception that proves the rule.
>Belle, you think twice before you go defiling your body with needles and 
>paint. You may be in a low place right now, but you is a LADY, Belle, and 
>while a lady can wear all the paint she wants, it had best be the kind 
>that washes off with some good pine tar soap. Your mama would roll over in 
>her grave is she knew what you is contemplating. And you know that 
>Preacher would be real disappointed. 
>Think on it, Belle. I know you will Do the Right Thing. Or else.
>Aunt Edna
goshamighty, Edna.  Wisht I'd had your letter a few hours ago.  Girls here
got me down an' gave me a tattoo.  Hurt worse'n that time I fell into the
blackberry brambles, it did.  They got all through and let me up, an' let
me look in the mirror.  Well, THEY say it's a eagle, but it looks like that
skinny ol' rooster Grandpa sawed the spurs off of.  What kind o' eagle has
a comb, anyway?  An' beside it, it says "Forever Yorus"  Now I cain't
figger out what's a "yorus."  You got any ideas?  I'm gettin' tired o' this
ol' jail.  Girls here turn mean at the drop of a hat.  One o'them took her
tin cup and rattled it on the bars til my head like to split.  I think I
want to go home.  I'll just tell the next man who unlocks the door that I
think I'll go home now.  Belle