[gardeners] Cousin John Beau Walter and the law

Margaret Lauterbach (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Wed, 08 Jul 1998 08:25:19 -0600

Hi there, cousin DeDe:  Hope you're not a fryin' in the heat down there.
I'm back at home.  Feller opened that jail door, an' I fetched my satchel
an' said, "I'm a goin' home."  He just stared at me while I walked out the
door and down the stairs.  Downstairs there was this judgelike feller
behind a counter, an' in front of him was Cousin John Beau Walter.  I ain't
seen him for a donkey's age!  I stopped in my tracks an' said howdy to 'im,
but he didn't say howdy back.  Judge said as soon as they hear from the
lab, they'll know how long to put ole john Beau Walter away fer.  'Bout
that time, here comes a feller in a white coat.  "It's okay, Judge, just
drywall dust an' sugar substitute."  Po-liceman there started unlockin'
them bracelets, an' John Beau Walter says, "What?"  "You kin go free now,"
says the Judge.  "Just harmless substances."  

"Welll, just a darned minute," says ole John Beau.  "What do you mean it's
harmless?  I paid a lot of money for that stuff.  I want to report a crime!
 Somebody committin' fraud here!"  He was still yellin' an' carryin' on, so
I left an' came home.  Real peaceful an' quiet.  Do miss the thunk theunk
of the printin' press, though.  Belle, who thinks she'll just set a spell.