[gardeners] Oxypetalum, found one!

matt trahan (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 10:07:35 EDT

Found one!
 We went to Smithfield Gardens (in Suffolk, Va.) and as we entered the
nursery, there in 1 gal pots were oxypetalum
 I never got a chance to look at the JPG, but I was way off, it
definately has nothing to do with "hardy argeritum". It has much paler
blue flowers, the tag says "2-3 feet, tender, but reseeds"(in USDA zone
7). It has 1inch wide, either 5 or 6 tear drop petaled flowers with a
tiny center.
 The color was a little washed out, but pretty.

 What a great day! Only spent $107. ;-)  We got a huge Tropicana(phaison)
canna as a surprise for Cynthia, Jackie got me a black mondo grass (I've
been wanting that sucker for 2 years, but balked at the $12 price for a
1gal pot with 3 tufts in it. It's almost a true black, interesting
addition to the foilage garden. Always more fun to go to a nursery with a
fellow 'enabler'!)
 Jackie got a bunch of perennials to thicken up the parking area garden.
Some cone flower, several artemesia's, a bunch of asters, a butterfly
weed, a salvia greggie and nice stonecrop sedum.
 With supreme self control, we put back on the shelf an absolutely
beautiful white spiderwort with a deep blue center. ;-)

Have fun

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