[gardeners] Heat

George Shirley (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 08:15:27

Is it just Atlanta and Louisiana or is everyone experiencing above normal
temperatures for the time of year. Was watching the very early morning
local news and weather about 6 am. Weather person said it was 91F at
midnight last night. That's terrible when it doesn't even cool down at
night. Of course the wind has finally died down around here so it's
entirely possible. A nice southerly breeze, blowing in off the Gulf, would
certainly cool things down. 

Weather person also said we are still in a "moderate" drought throughout
the state and that the governor is getting ready to declare an emergency to
make farmers and ranchers eligible for aid. Looks like veggie prices are
gonna go up and beef prices down if things don't improve. Unlike other,
primarily agricultural, states Louisiana still has a large number of family
farms. Looks like another wave of farmer bankruptcies is coming. Makes me
glad we moved off the farm two generations ago.

Had to water the azaleas yesterday due to severe droop. Most southerners
will understand my reluctance to waste water on azaleas, they're hard to
kill but it seems drought does affect them. Tomatoes are shot, cucuzzi
still producing, corn is gone, cukes still producing as is okra. The
crowder peas are slowing down considerably but the chard and NZ spinach are
still a-going if I can keep the loopers off the chard. Chiles are outdoing
anything I've grown before, the drought is stressing the plants and they
are producing some of the hottest fruit I've ever harvested. As of today
the sauce crock will be full and I will have to figure something else to do
with the ripe chiles. Probably chop and freeze for later use.

George, hiding from the heat again