Re: [gardeners] cool

George Shirley (
Thu, 09 Jul 1998 20:52:34

At 03:35 PM 7/9/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Since everyone's been complaining about the heat I thought I'd 
>mention that we here in north central Idaho are having an uncommonly 
>cool day.  Despite forecasts of a high of 107 we have only made it up 
>to 103 so far.  I assume that's 103 Farenheit though after spending 
>the last hour in a car without air conditioning tending to business 
>downtown in the asphalt district I wouldn't be surprised if it's 103 
>The pool is also quite cool.  It's 88 F.  Another couple of degrees 
>and we are going to change the name of the pool to the hot tub.
>Tomorrow a cold front is supposed to come through and knock us down 
>to 95.  I'll be digging out my winter wardrobe later.
>Who tore 2 layers of wood off a guestroom wall only to discover that 
>the top layer of paint is the Stars and Stripes sans stars.
Aren't those sorta high temps for y'all. I spent the month of August in
King Hill, Idaho in 1952 and remember sleeping under quilts. I also
remember how cold the creeks were around there and was told it was
primarily snow melt water. Impressed a boy from the Texas Gulf Coast I can
tell you. 

I sure hope your humidity is lower than ours, we're running up 96% right
now, that's what's making our heat index so blasted high. Hit 105 here
today on the heat index but it was 110 in Monroe, 4 hours north of us. Hate
to see what August will bring.