[gardeners] heat

Barb Rothenberger (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 06:31:34 -0500

Not just Louisian and Atlanta - afraid we in Missouri are having our share
of reeley hot weather as well.  In the 90's and very very humid.  Cloudy
this morning, might finally get some rain but not been so dry as some of
the rest of you all, - fortunately!  
	Was sooo disappointed - first tomatoes were turning right and - yup, you
guessed it - blossom end rot!  auugh! Ray did pick a mess of green beans
last night so will be enjoying them tonight for dinner.  Daughter gave us
some cucumbers and they prompty went into a cucumber salad.  Store is still
asking almost 1.00 each for cukes!  Now if the green thighs will just start
Barb Rothenberger
Columbia, Mo.
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