Re: [gardeners] heat

Jane Burdekin (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 06:37:13 -0600

I can vouch for that heat and humidity, I just got back from Kansas City,
and it is hot and humid.  Surprised me every day for a week, every time I
went outside.  It's nice to be back in Colorado where it cools down at
night, I could use a little humidity but not quite as much as I experienced
there.  I did have a wonderful time, wish it didn't take 11 hours to drive
there.  I still only have little tiny green tomatoes, and my cousin
harvested a red pepper while I was there.  I'm ready for tomatoes and
peppers too.  


> Not just Louisian and Atlanta - afraid we in Missouri are having our
> of reeley hot weather as well.  In the 90's and very very humid.  Cloudy
> this morning, might finally get some rain but not been so dry as some of
> the rest of you all, - fortunately!  
> 	Was sooo disappointed - first tomatoes were turning right and - yup, you
> guessed it - blossom end rot!  auugh! Ray did pick a mess of green beans
> last night so will be enjoying them tonight for dinner.  Daughter gave us
> some cucumbers and they prompty went into a cucumber salad.  Store is
> asking almost 1.00 each for cukes!  Now if the green thighs will just
> producing....
> Barb Rothenberger
> Columbia, Mo.
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