Re: [gardeners] heat

penny x stamm (
Fri, 10 Jul 1998 17:14:57 -0400

Barb, we're waiting and waiting for the produce to come in -- 
this certainly does seem to be a peculiar early summer! I have
consoled myself with standing right smack in the middle of the 
veggie garden and chomping on scallion leaves! Had one 
yesterday which I measured off at 30 inches, bion! They're not
too overpoweringly strong, and the taste does not linger in the 
mouth for hours -- in fact, they're kinda ideal..  The current crop 
is part of the veggie seedlings I bought for Jimmie, since so much
of our NK seeds never germinated. They are planted in bunches,
perhaps 12 to a tangled root mass, but they grow upright and 
not tangled. 

On Wednesday I took time off to drive up to Connecticut to 
Stew Leonard's, the monster food emporium which has to be
experienced to be believed. Down here (N.Y.State) green 
peppers cost $2.50 a lb; red peppers are $3.50 a lb; yellow
peppers are $4.50 a lb. And I absolutely CRAVE gazpacho
(cold) soup! Up at Stew's, the green peppers were $1.49 a lb;
and thy reds & yellows were $1.98 a lb. Since we are leaving
for my son's house on Sunday, I could not bring any home --
but I certainly did buy 3 quarts of so-called California Gazpacho!
Sensational -- they are great soup makers..  Within 28 hours, I
had consumed a quart and a pint of that soup --- I cannot resist!

The local farm stands have not opened yet -- produce is all  from
Florida and Mexico, in the supermarkets. The only edible tomato
I have had this season came from my own garden! Yes, it's true --
one lonely tomato got ripe, one cotton-pickin' lonesome polecat.

But wait....!  We are reputed to be in store for a very cold (and I
hope snowy) winter this year, and that's when Jimmie and I will
glow.. Rather have a real winter's day anytime than a real summer's
day! It's kinda like I'd rather have a pickle anytime than a piece
of cake. Maybe we're just -- uh- um -- different...?

Three or four winters ago when we had 16 real snow storms, 
Jimmie, at the tender age of 72, hand shoveled the entire driveway 
each and every time. It measures about 4200 sqft. He refuses to 
use a power machine. He will not listen to anybody about heart 
attacks -- says he knows his body, and it's his own decision. But
if you could see the pleasure this brings to the man, you would
understand. Besides, he keeps in shape the year round. 

5:15pm, perhaps the heat has abated -- time to finish the garden
chores! I noticed that Jim had filled in the careful gully I had made
to help with the watering runoff. Guess I'll step out there and put
it back. That's life.

Penny, NY zone 6

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