Re: [gardeners] heat

Jane Burdekin (
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 16:53:19 -0600

Yep, it's been hot here, I wouldn't mind having a swamp cooler, but the
humidity is really what gets to me.  I'm just not used to it growing up
here in Colo.  It's hot today around 90 again, but if you go to the
mountains the highs are  in  the mid 70's. 


> Jane Burdekin <> wrote:
> > I can vouch for that heat and humidity, I just got back from Kansas
> > and it is hot and humid.  Surprised me every day for a week, every time
> > went outside.  It's nice to be back in Colorado where it cools down at
> > night, I could use a little humidity but not quite as much as I
> > there.  
> My sister Sally is living in Colorado Springs these days and they 
> have purchased a swamp cooler for their apartment.  A couple of weeks 
> or so ago she was telling me about 90 degree temps there which I 
> thought was just about impossible for that part of the country.
> We've had high humidity here, too, which is fairly surprising.  There 
> was an enormous storm about 7 last night that produced lots of hail.  
> Luckily it was hot enough that it hit the ground as large pieces of 
> slush and didn't harm the gardens.  We had a cold, wet June but July 
> seems to be trying to make up for it.
> Liz