Re: [gardeners] Slick Willie

Margaret Lauterbach (
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 11:12:42 -0600

At 10:17 AM 7/11/98 +0000, you wrote:
>Rosemary Carlson <> wrote:
>> I approach this with fear and trepidation - and really only have three
>> things to say. First - innocent until proven guilty.
>Okay, how about innocent until guilt is admitted as was the case with 
>Gennifer Flowers.  Talk about sleazy.
> Second - ya gotta
>> wonder when there is talk of an independent counsel being named to
>> investigate the independent counsel. 
>Ya gotta wonder about what?  Whether Kenneth Starr is a worm, too?  
>If he's a worm does that have anything to do with whether Clinton is 
>a worm?  Sorry, but the character of the accuser has nothing to do 
>with the character of the accused.  In Clinton's case he has already 
>admitted to being sleazy.  As for suborning perjury I'd expect any 
>president or other public person to suborn perjury for his/her 
>personal benefit and don't really consider it that big a deal.
>Third - the President is the President
>> - and deserves respect until........he's proven guilty. And perhaps even
>> then. 
>I'm sure you'll pardon me for saying this but that's exactly the sort 
>of thinking that allows barbarians to be supported by their citizens. 
>With that kind of thinking we can get a Hitler or a Peter the Great 
>or an Ayatollah Khoemini elected president and all have the pleasure 
>of respecting him.  No thanks.
>I think Jimmy Carter was a poor president but I respect him a great
>deal. He is a man of principal.
political talk is not appropriate in a gardening forum.  Margaret