Re: [gardeners] Slick Willie

Liz Albrook (
Sat, 11 Jul 1998 10:17:12 +0000

Rosemary Carlson <> wrote:

> I approach this with fear and trepidation - and really only have three
> things to say. First - innocent until proven guilty.

Okay, how about innocent until guilt is admitted as was the case with 
Gennifer Flowers.  Talk about sleazy.

 Second - ya gotta
> wonder when there is talk of an independent counsel being named to
> investigate the independent counsel. 

Ya gotta wonder about what?  Whether Kenneth Starr is a worm, too?  
If he's a worm does that have anything to do with whether Clinton is 
a worm?  Sorry, but the character of the accuser has nothing to do 
with the character of the accused.  In Clinton's case he has already 
admitted to being sleazy.  As for suborning perjury I'd expect any 
president or other public person to suborn perjury for his/her 
personal benefit and don't really consider it that big a deal.

Third - the President is the President
> - and deserves respect until........he's proven guilty. And perhaps even
> then. 

I'm sure you'll pardon me for saying this but that's exactly the sort 
of thinking that allows barbarians to be supported by their citizens. 
With that kind of thinking we can get a Hitler or a Peter the Great 
or an Ayatollah Khoemini elected president and all have the pleasure 
of respecting him.  No thanks.

I think Jimmy Carter was a poor president but I respect him a great
deal. He is a man of principal.