Re: [gardeners] back to dry

Margaret Lauterbach (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 07:33:39 -0600

>The farmers' market was very crowded this week and harvests are beginnning
>to come in earlier than usual.  I suppose that is good if we have a hard
>winter since it will give us all more time to put things down.  I made our
>first zucchini chocolate cake of the season, bought zucchini but what the
>h*ll.  No one objected.    As far as anyone around here is concerned all I
>should ever do with zucchini is to put it up via this chocolate cake.  It
>is good--the best chocolate cake I think I have ever had.
Although only one hill of zucchini (Earl Campbell variety) has survived,
I'd like to have your recipe for chocolate cake made with zucchini,
Lucinda.  Is it better than mayonnaise cake?  Margaret