[gardeners] Slim pickings

Catharine Vinson (gardeners@globalgarden.com)
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 10:08:42 +0000

This morning I hauled on my coveralls and sauntered out into the sauna of 
HellAtlanta to pick me some vittles for dinner. I dug and I picked and I 
battled the bugs for my supper. I glowed, I perspired, I sweat buckets. 
But my perseverence, perspicacity and my perspiration was rewarded 
with the following 'bounty':

	1 gallon of sad looking blue and pink potatoes. Too big to use as 
min-tuber seed potato size (sometimes we can plant in August and have 
'taters for Thanksgiving); two small to bake. Guess they is gonna get 
thrown in the steamer.

	1 gallon of fine looking Burmese okra. Enough for me and my neighbors 

	1 gallon of pitiful cherry tomatoes. They taste good, but they is hardly 
bigger than a raisin or a sluggish Thompson seedless grape. 

	half a cup of tired looking pole beans. The bunnies missed a single 

	2 puny crookneck squash

The ants have helped themselves to the miniature strawberry popcorn that I 
was just about ready to harvest. Guess I'll be watching the farm report 
without nothing to nibble this fall. 

Times is hard, humid, hot and dry in Atlanta. Pitiful excuse for a 
garden this year.