Re: [gardeners] Choc. Zucchini Cake

Catharine Vinson (
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 19:38:38 +0000

Lucinda wrote:

I think this is better than mayo cake.  I have had tomato juice cake which
is pretty good, though.  I don't know sauerkraut cake, though, and I'm
suprised I haven't even heard of it in this German area.

The sauerkraut cake that I've had  while visiting Mother and Father in 
F'Burg has been outstanding. Would never think it was sauerkraut. It's a 
traditional German cake, I think. 

Thanks for the zucchini cake....I will save for next year when the thighs 
will once again roll in.

Catharine, wishing she had plants a couple of zucchini plants.