Re: [gardeners] Re: Silver Sage (Saliva argentea)

Catharine Vinson (
Tue, 14 Jul 1998 18:16:36 +0000

Tom wrote:
>  I understand that the
> large leaved Salvias are attractive in pots, but have not grown them
> in that manner.  S. patens, S. transylvanica, and S. forskaoli are all
> growing here in afternoon sun, full sun, and part shade, respectively.

I'm growing the Silver Sage in a pot only because it's a very tardy 
Mother's Day present I have been struggling to keep alive until I can get 
it to Texas for Mother's garden. She's got much, much better conditions 
for Sage than I do.....most sage varieties turn up their toes at Atlanta's 
acid, damp clay. Only sage that really is trouble-free here is Bog Sage 
(s. uglinosa). I love the color of its flowers and it sure isn't picky 
about soil and sun.
> I think Catherine should dump that unhappy misfit, and start over with
> one that she started from seed.  At least it will never have danced to
> anyone else's tune.  Alternatively, if she has purchased the plant, and
> it was allowed to flower in the previous season, then it was a cripple
> when she bought it.  This Salvia is often thought of as a biennial, and
> many gardeners prolong its life by not allowing it to flower.

I think you're right re planting from seed. I got my start from a cutting 
I had shipped from Ohio. Poor thing has just never gotten used to being in 
the land of Dixie. I think it must have been kin to General Sherman <bg>.

Catharine/Atlanta, zone 7b